Lite Semi Trailer For Sugarcane

Lite Semi Trailer For Sugarcane


  • Equipment manufactured with the best and most resistant materials in the market;
  • Structural part designed in high-strength steel, locked with tubes on the sides;
  • Reinforcement in plate on the locks and support of the bearings. Featuring a light and robust equipment;
  • Lowered cargo box with structure formed by tubes and closed in high resistance plate (stamped). The lowered part being rounded at the corners and reinforced where the chains are located;
  • Tipping of the cargo box fixed by four hinges with self-lubricating bushings, activated by hilo system;
  • Central Chassis, which can be lowered or straight, with I-shaped stringer, belted in high-strength plate, with connecting crossbeams between the two stringers;
  • All the mechanical parts are reinforced so that the customer has a lower maintenance cost;
  • LED electrical installation, ensuring greater durability;
  • Pneumatic or mechanical suspension with double or single wheels (ensuring a real gain in the weight of the composition);
  • Balancin system that promotes an excellent performance with low maintenance cost;
  • Brake System: ABS / Tubeless, “S cam” system with two power lines, one for service and the other for emergency and spring-brake on one of the axles, bringing greater safety to the user;
  • Gannet with manual or pneumatic activation;
  • Wheels: steel or aluminum (lighter and more resistant);
  • Coupled Dolly fixed by turntable (thin);
  • Square structure header with forged tip for round pin;
  • Painting in a P.U. system;
  • Metal fenders, with rubber lamers;
  • Optional: cargo cover system with tarpaulins, water canopy, tool box, coupling, etc.


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