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To maintain the good performance of your equipment, always perform preventive maintenance. In addition to the replacement parts and accessories for its entire product line, Sergomel also sells replacement parts from other brands, thus ensuring agility, productivity and reliability.

All of our parts are manufactured according to the technical specifications and subjected to a strict quality control, besides being careful in choosing its suppliers.

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Articulation bearing Bucket 3 axles - 17450 Request Quotation
Articulation bearing, external box - 17647 Request Quotation
Bucket piston bearing (lower) - 24573 Request Quotation
Bucket piston bearing (upper) - 24450 Request Quotation
Casting tip cover Hook lock - 6401 Request Quotation
Hydraulic cylinder Fee a (70176271) - 24462 Request Quotation
Pneumatic limit valve (56468-90) - 23421 Request Quotation
Semi-trailer cover lock and tipper - 3381 Request Quotation
Spout lock - 10951 Request Quotation

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